The Home of 

Julia Gaines & Brett Montag

5606 Majestic Circle

About the Home

This Majestic Circle home was built 20 years ago when the Thornbrook neighborhood was first starting and practically considered out-of-town. It is located on a quiet circle drive tucked away from Scott Boulevard. One of the best features of the home is its large lot and proximity to the Clubhouse. The family can walk from the backyard to the pool and can easily access neighborhood events.

Julia and her two teenagers, Zach and Hannah, moved into their Majestic Circle home in June 2019 along with their dog Cooper, a Cavapoo. The home is large, and the family loved the layout of the house. It allowed Julia to basically live on the top floor while the teenagers had control of the downstairs, and Cooper ruled the big yard. Much has changed in the past four years! Zach is now a sophomore at Mizzou, and Hannah is a senior at Rock Bridge High School. They now share the home with Bret Montag – Julia’s new husband and stepdad to Zach and Hannah. The family has added several furry members as well welcoming Muffin, a four-pound Pomeranian, and Rhino, Bret’s 14-year-old Shitzpoo. Bret’s two kids, Spencer and Molly, are both in college at K-State, but there is room for them to visit when they can. It makes for a fun, active, loud-at-times household that lives in every square inch of their home.

Julia has always loved the Christmas season and is known to be the first house with the lights up and the last house to take them down. Her folks always went “all in” with decorations, and she tries to do the same with her family. Bret and Julia are looking forward to decorating together this year and expect many conversations to happen around the placement of her nativity scenes along with his inflatable treasures. There will be trees and something “Christmas” in every room. Julia’s mother collected Christmas ornaments for all three of her kids as they were growing up so when each was ready to have their trees, they had plenty of ornaments. Each of Julia’s more than 500 ornaments has a story! When they come out every Holiday season, it’s like greeting old friends and fondly remembering travels. Julia, Bret, and their family are pleased to welcome the Holiday Home Tour guests to their home.
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