The Home of 

Donna Breedlove

5308 Forest Glen Drive

About the Home

This beautifully decorated, functional one-story home was one of the very first built in the Longview neighborhood. Longview is a small subdivision, but a warm and welcoming community where everyone watches out for one another. The love shared by the Breedlove family is evident as soon as you enter the home. There are family photos and items of sentimental value everywhere.

Christmas has always been a family favorite, and especially one that Donna shared over the years with her mother. For as long as she can remember, every room in their home was decorated. As Donna got older, she and her mother would shop together, buy more Christmas décor, and create more Holiday memories. The sled featured on the porch is one of Donna’s much-loved childhood keepsakes. Donna recalls how her mother would paint and decorate it every Christmas. When Donna married and had a home of her own, she continued the tradition, recreating some very special personal memories.

Sadly in 1994, a house fire destroyed everything. Donna fondly recalled that her mother shared so many beautiful decorations so that the family could have a beautifully decorated home for Christmas. In 1995, Donna lost her mother to cancer, but every Christmas, there are treasured memories to be shared with her children and grandchildren in a home that is beautifully decorated as a monument honoring both her family and her Mom
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