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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I apply for a scholarship?
To apply for a scholarship, you may fill out the Scholarship Application and email it to the Director of Education and Outreach at Be sure to submit your application before the date of your placement audition to ensure an audition time.
How do I report an absence for my student?
Absences must be reported AT LEAST ONE WEEK prior to the scheduled conflict. Absences may be reported one of two ways:
1.   Completing the online Google Form here.2.  Downloading a printable form and returning it to the Director of Education & Outreach at rehearsal.
Where can I park for rehearsals?
Hitt Street Parking Garage is across the street from the Sinquefield Music Center and is free on all floors on weekends. Students with large instruments (e.g. harp) may load in at the south entrance of the Sinquefield Music Center before moving their car to the parking garage. 

Can my student bring a cell phone to rehearsal?
Yes, but the cell phone must be kept out of sight and remain unused during instruction time. Cell phone use is a distraction to the student using it as well as the other students around them. It is rude and inconsiderate, and violations will not be tolerated. If a student is seen using their phone during instruction time, it will be taken away at the end of rehearsal and their parents/caregivers will be notified. Phones may be used during designated breaks during rehearsals.

What will happen if in-person activities need to be suspended due to COVID-19?
Obviously, it is everybody’s hope that we will be able to have an in-person experience that, while having restrictions, will still allow our students to benefit from playing great music together in large ensembles. If the situation changes and it becomes impossible to hold in-person rehearsals, we plan to revert to an online system of training and orchestral education that will combine Zoom activities, YouTube listening assignments, and other online music education resources in order to keep our students engaged with the music they are playing. Online activities will continue to fall in their scheduled Sunday time frames.
For questions or concerns, please contact Dr. Ashley Pribyl, Director of Education & Outreach, by calling (573) 875-0600, ext. 3 or by emailing
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