Missouri Symphony League

The Missouri Symphony League is dedicated to supporting the growth of musical arts and performance in mid-Missouri.

About The Missouri Symphony League

The Missouri Symphony League is a longstanding Missouri Symphony institution, founded by Lucy Vianello and Jean Smith in 1971.

The Missouri Symphony League is open to all members of the Missouri Symphony. The League serves as an auxiliary to the Missouri Symphony to promote music for the benefit of the mid-Missouri community and music education for children.

Lunch meetings are held the fourth Tuesday of each month, September – May. We encourage those who want to support music in their community to join the Missouri Symphony League.

The Missouri Symphony League provides assistance and support for:

  • The Piano Student Showcase featuring aspiring young pianists who compete for an opportunity to perform in a concert on MIssouri Theatre stage.
  • A scholarship fund for young musicians to benefit the Missouri Symphony Conservatory.
  • The Missouri Symphony Society’s Hot Summer Nights Festival with over 20 pops, classical, patriotic and community concerts held in June and July. The assistance includes sponsoring specific performance, providing the Women’s Symphony League Lucy Vianello Chair to supplement a Missouri Symphony Orchestra musician’s salary and funding the Conservatory apprentice program allowing Conservatory students to play along with the professional musicians.
  • Ushering
  • Volunteering

2018 Missouri Symphony League Members

2018 Officers

Norma Fair, President

Arlene Heins, President-Elect

Alice Havard, Secretary

Amy Collette, Treasurer

2018 Members

Nancy Bedan

Nancy Cassidy

Nancy Griggs

Heather Darby

Carol Denninghoff

Mary Dohrmann

Patti Doyle

Betty Eyestone

Patricia Hostetler

Sheila Kausler

Pat Lawnick-Ritchie

Joan Luterman

Bonnie Marshall

Ann Merrifield

Georgia Morehouse

Marybeth Priesmeyer

Virginia Propp

Barbara Rothenberger

Carrie Schlimme

Marie Scruggs

Marlene White

Kathleen Brown

Charlotte Dean

Carole DeLaite

Alice Dellande

Veralee Hardin

Stacie Houston

Darlene Huff

Gwen Jones

Kay Kern

Mary Jean Leeper

Susan Melton

Mary Mennemeyer

Cindy Mustard

Alice Payne

Donna Rice

Sharon Schattgen

Jolene Schulz

Beverly Smull

Lili Vianello

Lucy Vianello

Patricia Wills